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The Universe is Yours
About Us - Shully Physics
For Fun - Shully's Got Game
AP Physics C1 - Mechanics
AP Physics C2 - Electricity & Magnetism
Algebra-Based Physics
Physics Topics
Get your feet wet, collect some data, and discover new stuff
Investigate the nature of the universe
Review for the APC1 - Mechanics Exam
Possibly helpful for other teachers
Teaching Apps
Create custom activities for students to practice writing and naming chemical formulas.
Design circuit diagram images to place into documents.
A powerful tool to create directed online activities designed to guide students through websites of your choosing in an "action-response" format.
Help students to learn the element names and symbols of the periodic table with a game.
Group Communication Solutions
Receive RSVPs from groups of people through one tap on the phone or one click of the mouse. Especially useful for automatically scheduling RSVP requests for repeating events (like weekly sport team practices).

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